About Us

Hyp-bags is a Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, home based company, with the environment at the forefront of the decision to take on this endeavor. Started by Jo-Ann in August of 2009, with the full support and assistance of family. Currently sales are increasing daily, with high interest from everyone that shares concerns of the peril of our planet earth. There has been nothing but praise for the quality of these products.

Sewn into each bag is a tag with a maple leaf as well as the Hyp-bag web address. With this information you will always be able to reach Jo-Ann for any of your needs in the future.

Our Mission:

To create well made products, that are eco-friendly, inexpensive, and available to everyone.


Help Your Planet - About Me

 A little history of Jo Ann...It was one of those pivotal moments:  I was visiting the Columbia Ice fields in Alberta with my family one cloudy day in August in 1997.  While embarking on the winding trail up to the edge of the glacier, I was stunned by the markers indicating how far the glacier had melted since the early 20th century.  The year markers at the beginning of the trail were quite close together, indicating a slow ice melt, but the gap widened drastically as 20th century progressed, meaning that the glacier began melting much faster than previously.  This was astounding to me--to see for myself how our increasing industrialization over the recent decades has eaten away at the ice giants. So, this meant a gradual but steady change in my life and outlook.  What can do, being only one individual, to slow this global warming trend, to save our crucial ice fields, to help my planet?