Useful Ideas

Use your HYP-Bags to:
  • Strain freshly picked and roasted pumpkin for pies, cookies and loaf.
  • Make your favorite type of cheese such as ricotta!
  • Make your own nut milk which is cheap, easy-to-do and chemical free! Recipe: Ratio = 1 part almonds/nuts to 3 parts water. Soak nuts in water over night, then rinse. Add water and nuts to blender, blend, then strain in Hyp-bag. Don't be afraid to squeeze the bag to get all the milk. You can add a touch of vanilla for a treat!
  • Dry herbs and freshly picked potatoes, onions and garlic 
  • Sprout seeds
  • Wash quinoa and rice. The fine mesh of Hyp-bags means you won't loose any of the precious grains!
  • Brew beer
  • Use a tea bag for your pickling spices when making pickles.
  • Hyp-bag tea bags are also great for mulling your favorite apple cider or wine.
  • Make lovely lavender sachets and/or your favorite Potpourri. Leave them scattered on pillows for your next house guest!
  • Make your own bouquet garni with your favorite herbs and spices for casseroles, stocks, soups, stews and sauces!
  • Wash wool socks and lingerie 
  • Store and dry children's bath-time toys
  • Make Compost Tea made from your own compost bin. Place your compost in a Hyp-bag, add water to a bucket, then place the hyp-bag with the compost inside into the water and let steep for a few days. Then pour the tea all over your vegetable/floral garden.  Sit back and watch your garden grow!
  • Filter your fish tank pumps. You will be amazed at what it catches!
  • Use as a travel bag!

And MUCH more......use your imagination!